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About Dr. Flynn

Dr Tim Flynn, DC, PES is a native of the NJ Shore & a graduate of The University of NY and Texas Chiropractic College. In solo practice, serving the Emerald Coast since 1997, he operates with an integrative approach to your healthcare. In addition to traditional chiropractic manual therapy, Dr Flynn has always utilized diagnostic testing such as X-ray & MRI studies to determine your true health status prior to performing spinal alignment, especially those at risk of disc injury.

Not all patients nor conditions require spinal manipulation and thus he utilizes the latest in proven physiotherapeutic modalities such as: deep tissue laser therapy, ultrasound, interferential current electric muscle stimulation & neuromuscular facilitation. Dr Flynn is also a Performance Enhancement Specialist, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The PES certification enables Dr Flynn to employ the OPT training model that is endorsed by many elite professional athletes as the reason they are at the top of their game. This training model encompasses; balance, flexibility, core, cardiovascular, speed/agility/quickness, strength and power levels of training.

Today, with the founding of the laser division, LaserDoc,  Dr Flynn now offers the latest and most advanced treatment available for most musculoskeletal injuries/conditions. The addition of the LiteCure Medical “LightForce EX” Class IV Deep Tissue Laser enables Dr Flynn to rapidly heal most conditions. The LightForce EX is the most powerful Class IV laser in use today. LaserDoc is the only provider of this laser in the entire Florida Panhandle. Laser therapy is a scientifically proven way to reduce pain & inflammation. This is an amazing advance in biomedical engineering, FDA cleared. This laser therapy is not to be confused with less powerful and not proven Class III “Cold Lasers”. Used by NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL teams & the US Military, the LightForce EX Deep Tissue Laser has proven itself to be the most advanced soft tissue therapy available today!

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